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Post  maxlem on Thu Oct 07, 2010 10:55 am

Section 1-Server Info
Legends-scape name-moneymachine
Runescape name-i preffer not to give him

Section 2- Pre Mod skills
Have you ever been a Mod on another server? yes. but it was a server from a friend and its ofliine now.
Which server is it?i frogot the name it was pretty long ago.

Section 3-About you
Do you know how to code well?i tried to make a server but that didnt turn out well.
Do you play RuneScape? yes
What time do you play? (10:00am to 8:00pm), for example. always diferent but mosttly more then 1x a day
What is your timezone?i think gmt+2

Section 4-I hereby state, that if i abuse my Moderator Status, and if i quit, i will lose my status and rank.If i mess up and/or do something dire, then i will be ip-banned permanantly.
Signed, (my irl name or ign name? ill say both ^^) maxim , moneymachine
What makes you different then others: idk im friendly talk 2 langues dutch , english , and a lil french not much lmao
Anything else: i will be a good mod. euuh i think i dont have someting else to say :s


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