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Post  Armando on Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:16 am

Hello users & Generation-x staff team.

Lets start with some basic.

ING name: Y
IRLname: Armando
From: Norway, trondheim. Europa.
Time zone: GMT+1
Are you active? Yes, i'm active. I play the much as i can.
How long have you been playing: I've playd Generation-x for an while ago, but due some reason i quited.
I started a week ago, when the server have changed there name to Legendscape. Wich is disliked, becous generation-x is a better/cooler namer. Well anough about the name.

Why should i be an 'moderator'.?
Becous i love helping, and moderate.
I'm an guy you can trust fully 100 percent out! i'm also friendly.
Theres one thing i wanna metion, thats the respect "area". I give respect to those, who give me respect. Honestly..

I'm an guy that respect the following rules, ofc i respect the rules.
The main reason i play though, is becous its an PK based server.

I've been moderator on other server to, so i know how to do the job welldone!

I speak Norwigian, spanish and English.

A little about my self,
I love skating,
Punk music is whats on! No, im not a goth or emo. Just incase you were wondering. lol
My style goes in Undergroud, a little baggie plz? Smile
I love having fun, such as getting drunk as hell. lmao..

Well, thanks for your time reading my application!

Sirencly regards,
Armando aka Y Smile


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