Pking, Exp, and Summoning.

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Pking, Exp, and Summoning. Empty Pking, Exp, and Summoning.

Post  Wtf_Barrage on Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:19 pm

I have 3 suggestions that i'm sure most people who play legends 525 would agree with.

1. Make a ::pk teleport that is the ge.

Benefits - More room, easy bank, not crouded like in the little edge bank.

2. Toggle exp, as everyone knows it doesn't work. Making it work would open alot of doors to pking.

Benefits - Pk as a pure without worrying about getting def \ exp. Pures with 70 atk and low defense could use whip, without gaining atk or defense exp.

3. Summoning - Summoning is useless on the server, so why include it in ::master? If your a main and want to become pure, you'll have to put up with having 99 summoning. maxed pure with 52 prayer , 99 summoning = 109 cb, maxed without summoning = 95.

You could be 109 cb maxed pure with sum, fighting a lvl 109 nearly-maxed barrows pure without sum.
Taking it out of ::master and reseting everyones summoning would solve the problem.

Benefits - Without it, your cb level is true. Meaning your combat stats are what make up your cb level, not a useless stat that only causes problems.

So thats about it if you like, comment and put the number(s) you agree with in the post.



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Pking, Exp, and Summoning. Empty Re: Pking, Exp, and Summoning.

Post  ihitboom on Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:35 pm

omg i so agree with 1. make a ::pk teleport at ge!

2. is true and should be looked at

3. this isn't such a problem but it could be looked at

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